Personal Data

  • This site does not provide personalized services to users;
  • This site does not request personal information to users (name, surname, address, email, etc.etc.);
  • This site does not use profiling cookies.

Navigation Data

The computer systems and the technical and software procedures underlying the operation of this website acquire, during their normal operation, some data whose transmission is implicit in the functioning mechanisms of Internet and of its protocols. Every time a user accesses this site and every time she/he invokes or requests a content, the access data are stored in a database in the form of tabular structured entries.

Data collected are:

  • The website from which the page was referred (c.d. “referral”);
  • IP address originating the request;
  • The date and time of the request or access;
  • Requested URI (Uniform Resource Identifier);
  • HTTP response obtained from the server;
  • The amount of data transmitted;
  • The browser, its technical and functional characteristics and the operating system used.

This data may be used by the owner for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information on the use of the site in order to identify the pages preferred by users and therefore to provide increasingly adequate content and to check the correct functioning of the website. On a request by the Authority, the data will be used to ascertain responsibility in case of hypothetical computer crimes against this website.

Data provided voluntarily by the user

May be that at some points on this website the user has the possibility to send personal data (eg e-mail address, name and other personal data and not). The sending of this data takes place on an optional, explicit and voluntary basis, and involves the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s email address, necessary to respond to requests, as well as any other personal data entered for the purposes of the service.
The personal data that the user provide will be stored on protected electronic media and processed with all appropriate security measures. The owner of this website will never disclose private or personal information and communication to third-party services and will never use this data other than for the activities strictly related to this website (email communications, for example).

First-Party Cookies

Cookies are text files sent to the user’s terminal by internet websites.

This websites use cookies to manage access to restricted areas.

This site uses the following types of cookies:

  • Technical cookies (used exclusively to manage access to restricted areas)

The use of techical cookies is not instrumental to the collection of personal identification data, but to improve navigation experience; This website is not reading / collecting / generating cookies able to provide personal identification data.

Third-Parties Cookies

This website can make use of the following third-party cookies in order to provide multimedia content, to generate anonymous statistical analysis about visitors and to share content with social network. The third-party cookies are:


For all privacy related questions or requests please use the following email address: [remove capital letters]

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