Unveiling Obfuscated Batch Scripts: From UTF-8 to UTF-16 BOM Conversion

This morning I observed an Internet Shortcut file (sha256:0817cd8b0118e2f023342ad016ef443fd4c2e4657a373f9023807a231d16b0fa – Fattura Elettronica 11817929720.url) designed to compromise an Italian organization, containing these instructions: The .lnk file in its turn showed the following commands: This instructions are designed to perform two main actions: it moves a file and then starts it. First, Continue Reading

A {Black}Cat and mouse game: How the gang’s operators have ‘unseized’ their Dedicated Leak Site

In recent days, the FBI was entrenched in a virtual struggle against the ransomware group known as ALPHV / BlackCat. This engagement unfolded subsequent to the FBI gaining control of the underlying infrastructure that the group had utilized to amass over $300 million in ransoms. In the early hours of Dec. 19, 2023, the darkweb Continue Reading

Under the shellcode of the ‘Operation Duck Hunt’. Analysis of the FBI’s ducks killer.

The “Duck Hunt” operation refers to a specific operation called “Operation Duck Hunt” that disrupted the Qakbot botnet. The Qakbot botnet was a sophisticated network of compromised computers that was used to distribute malware, steal sensitive information, and carry out other malicious activities. The operation to disrupt the Qakbot botnet Continue Reading

Rhysida: An old / new threat in the ransomware landscape

Rhysida is a relatively new ransomware group operating as a R-a-a-S (Ransomware-as-a-Service) provider. The corresponding ransomware has the particularity of making use of LibTomCrypt, a cryptographic library that allows attackers to leverage on robust encryption methods and a fast development. Rhysida appears to be written in C++ and compiled via MinGW; the payloads I’ve found are quite Continue Reading

ALPHV / BlackCat: Threat Assessment and Profile

BlackCat / ALPHV is known for high-profile attacks like those conducted against the italian luxury brand Moncler, the aviation company Swissport and more recently against GSE (Gestore Servizi Energetici SpA). The ransomware payload includes a lot of advanced features and is able to support a wide range of offensive operations and to impact different environment . It’s command-line driven Continue Reading

Reverse and Hunt: Between the jumps of ArguePatch

ARGUEPATCH is a patched version of a legitimate component of the Hex-Rays IDA Pro software. In detail it’s the remote IDA debugger server named win32_remote.exe and it’s basically designed to act as a loader by reading and decrypting an encrypted payload written to disk (CaddyWiper). It has been used against Ukrainian targets in destructive attacks and it’s believed to Continue Reading