Personal Projects

This page lists some projects developed for educational purposes or as an help to work activities. These can be downloaded and used for free unless they are not used for commercial purposes. Note that only a small part of my software are listed here. If you are looking for more “interesting” ones, try to contact me…

Log Analyzer:

This software has been realized as help for the analysis of large quantities of web logs. It can automatically recognize the signatures of the most common web application attacks (sql injection, xss, dit etc.etc.) just by looking at the text files into a directory of your choice.

Download Log Analyzer


PHP-HTML Web Source Encoder:

This software has been designed to protect source files written in PHP and HTML. It defends against reverse engineering and unauthorized copying activities. It makes use of two local loaders to complicate the recovery operations of original source code. This is the “publicdownloadable version. The enhanced private version (used also to protect sensible areas of this site) is not publicly available but you can always try to contact me…

Download Web Source Encoder

XVir 1.0 beta anti-APT Scanner:

XVir is a software designed and developed by Emanuele De Lucia. It scans folders and files looking for APT threats and has real-time monitor capabilities. It is distinguished from a common anti-malware software by its specialization on APT threats. The project is still in the experimental stage and the number of signatures available is currently limited. These signatures (updated daily) are produced independently on the basis of personal researches and through a net of collection nodes belonging exclusively to the author.

Download XVir