“Carbanak CyberGang” steals at least $300 million from financials institutions wordwide

cyber_gang Cyber criminals used a malware to steal at least $300 million from financial institutions and banks wordwide. The name of this crew is “Carbanak cybergang” . The bulk of the victims comes from Russia but malware hits in Japan, Europe and USA as well. According to Kaspersky experts this is one of the biggest bank thefts ever. Always Kaspersky refers that over 100 institutions in 30 countries have been attacked and that the attack is still on going. According to what reported the PCs of employees of these financial institutions would have been directly attached with a malware that allowed criminals to monitor each actions internally performed and to gather sensitive informations. With the informations collected the group has been able to impersonate bank officers and to transfer million of dollars from banks in Russia, Switzerland, Japan, United States and the Netherlands into fake accounts set up in other countries.

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