Exobot Source Code Available

Exobot ImageExobot source code has been leaked and released in darkweb. The code proved to be version 2.5 of the Exobot banking trojan, also known as the “Trump Edition,” one of Exobot’s last version before its original author gave up on its development. To avoid proliferations of malware samples based on the source code here presented, security restrictions have been applied to download.

(Please note that archive is encrypted !! Only accredited security vendors, vetted security researchers and law enforcement agencies will receive the password to open it. Email me at [email protected] /* remove all capital letters */)

Here the source code:



    • Emanuele

      Hello. Please send me an email from an official work account belonging to a national CERT/CSIRT, a law enforcement agency or a well known security vendor. Are you a security researcher ? Have you published something or helped the security community ? Have you a security blog ? In short words, how can i know who you are ?

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