Advanced Persistent Threats vs Internet Service Providers

On April 18, 2020 I was supposed to participate as a speaker at the Malware Analyst Conference. The limitations resulting in Italy by the COVID-19 emergency, unfortunately, forced the organizers to cancel all scheduled dates for this event. However, I asked them for consent to publish the details relating to what would be my topic.

The information contained in this paper relates to what I observed throughout 2019 during my analysis and research activities. For my speech, I originally chose the telecommunications sector because it is a vital component for nearly every existing operating entity. Due to their critical role for today‚Äôs society, these organizations are now faced with a multitude of threats in the cyber landscape ranging from targeted attacks to malicious actions attributable to the criminal or activist world.

The PDF version of the paper can be viewed online here or a local copy can be downloaded following


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